The Daily Sniff for Monday, April 8, 2013: Death of Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher had many firsts, including being the first female leader of the British Tories and being the first female–and longest serving–prime minister of Great Britain.
But she was like most Conservatives who over-react to all they dislike about social democracies by destroying worker protections, social assistance and social programs for the populace and replacing them with austerity measures, corporate welfare programs like loan guarantees for businesses with close ties to the governing Tories, and, unfortunately, other indications that their wallets, while filled with OUR money, are open only to THEIR friends.
That Stephen Harper claimed she “fostered peace” is not surprising, but sadly funny, given that her version of peace meant perpetrating violence against her own citizens, the justice of the Falklands War, notwithstanding. (And it pays to remember that there was a popularity poll and an election on the line at the time.)
There is no denying one thing: she believed in what she did and she was willing to break all of the eggs in the social basket to achieve it–including sacrificing the working poor of England to the greed and destruction of international corporate interests.
The tragedy is not that she died–she was 87 and had a great run. The tragedy is that, as far as she could, she threw all the social democratic babies out with the Conservative bathwater and England is still bearing the scars.
Margaret Thatcher’s policies went too far. They didn’t pass the Sniff Test back in the ’80s and they still don’t.
© K. Munroe April 8, 2013

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