The Daily Sniff for Monday, June 3, 2013–Brave Citizens Defy Slimeball Dictator-in-the-Making in Turkey

The demonstration that started on Friday as a protest against destroying one of the few parks left in Istanbul in order to build a giant mall has grown into an all-out condemnation of Turkish President Erdogan’s growing dictatorial, conservative agenda.
This guy is a piece of work. He’s a conservative politician with delusions of holiness–at least, he thinks he’s a heck of a good Muslim and can, therefore, impose all the rules of his religion on everyone in this secular country….just like all the other religious zealots (like that fundamentalist crowd in the US, for example). In the ten years since he was elected, he’s managed to shove through his pet building projects, has curtailed access to the things he doesn’t like (birth control and alcohol), has targeted a historic church (not a mosque, of course) for destruction in a redevelopment project, jailed a multitude of reporters who write unflattering stories about his excesses, and is aiming to further curtail civil liberties.
He’s pulling the same shenanigans as creepy dictator wanna-bes always do. They use democracy to get themselves elected, these days, (and not the old chestnut of the military coup), then subvert the system to destroy the free press, erode civil liberties and stamp out all opposition. Their main tools seem to be invoking the “terror” bogeyman, and trotting out the tear gas and water cannons. And, since the advent of cellphone cameras, we’re seeing them at their best–as they run over protesters with their cars, shoot into the crowds, beat unarmed people with billy clubs, and knock down bystanders with their riot shields.
This is exactly the kind of thing that the Obama administration, having employed a pile of the Bush boys, is doing in the States. Hundreds of people have been illegally detained and arrested during the protests like Occupy, many were actually jailed…but not one of the criminals who perpetrated the biggest fraud in the history of capitalism has spent a single minute behind bars.
It’s what Vic Toews wants to help his boss do in Canada (remember the G20/G8 conference in Toronto where protesters were kettled and gassed and where the police pulled every violation of civil rights out of their playbook to detain, arrest, and mug anyone who was trying to voice any sentiment whatsoever about the conference?!)
As is usually the case when the criminals get into office, they used the police to intimidate the citizens of the country they stole. For the bitter twist on the side of that drink, the citizens are paying the salaries of the police who are beating the crap out of them!
And we’d better pay attention, because none of this passes The Sniff Test.

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