Editorial for Saturday March 7, 2015: Spring Break

The boys in the news have pretty much been waterboarding the Canadian public for the last few weeks. The Harper Conservatives have ramped up their exploitation of Terror, Retribution, Tax Crumbs, the Non-existent Crime Wave, and Corporate Sucking-Up for another … Continue reading

Editorial for December 13, 2014–ISIS:Why Notice? Why Now?

It’s taken fifteen years for ISIS (ISIL, IS, the caliphate–the name evolves as the group’s ambitions expand) to grow from a nasty little splinter group of violent bigots harassing and murdering Iraqis and Syrians into a great big (and still … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday, December 28, 2013–Terrified and Loving It

New research shows that when conservatives are confronted with unfamiliar situations or people, they react with the fear center (the amygdala) in their brains. It seems that the more they react with the amygdala, the more developed it gets. (Fear … Continue reading

The Daily Sniff for Tuesday, July 2, 2013–Sometimes A ‘Terrorist’ Is Just a Criminal

John Nuttall and Amanda Korody are the “terrorists” charged with plotting to blow up the BC legislature with pressure cooker bombs, the making of which was “inspired” by the Boston bombers and al-Qaida. Seriously. (Note: Law enforcement and ‘security’ guys … Continue reading

The Daily Sniff for Monday, June 3, 2013–Brave Citizens Defy Slimeball Dictator-in-the-Making in Turkey

The demonstration that started on Friday as a protest against destroying one of the few parks left in Istanbul in order to build a giant mall has grown into an all-out condemnation of Turkish President Erdogan’s growing dictatorial, conservative agenda. … Continue reading

The Daily Sniff for Tuesday, April 30, 2013–Harper Conservatives: They’re Not Stupid, They Just Look That Way

Harper Conservatives are on a roll. They have one guy (Ryan Leef) claiming that the population of polar bears has “quadrupled over the last 40 years” (National Post); they have another (Jim Flaherty) claiming that his budget will stimulate the … Continue reading

The Sniff Test for Monday, April 22, 2013–Beware Harper Conservatives’ “Information” and “Anti-Terrorism”–it’s unlikely to be informative and it won’t stop terror

The Harper Conservatives, along with the Alberta Conservatives, have noticed that the rest of the world isn’t buying their sales job on the green-ness of the tar sands–which term you’re NOT supposed to use; instead, you’re supposed to call them … Continue reading

The Daily Sniff for Thursday, April 18, 2013–Get Mad and Get Even But Don’t Get Smarter. Stephen Harper’s Response to the World

In an attempt to appear like a strong, decisive, leader-ly kind of guy (and to show that he’s a much better leader-ly kind of guy than Justin Trudeau) Stephen Harper said that the only ‘good’ response to a terrorist attack … Continue reading