Editorial for Week Of July 8, 2016: See Donald Run–and why he can win.

The militarization of domestic police forces, whose only enemies are the citizens who paid for those weapons, is an interesting result of conservative politicians kowtowing to the white and paranoid who fund their re-elections. (We might want to take note … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday, October 17, 2015–Premature Election Dissection

The last gasp of this needlessly long, expensive election begs discussion. If reports are true–that the Lizard of Oz (Australian Lynton Crosby), author of the Niqab Strategy, quit the Slime Train that is the Harper campaign; and that Mr. Trudeau’s … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday, August 22, 2015-Week 3 of the Federal Election: A Mad Guy Became A Meme.

A brief note: Canadian taxpayers are footing the bill for this extremely long, thus expensive, election. When you have to pay back your shiny new child benefit in taxes next April, remember that your money bought Mr. Harper his nice, … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday, March 21, 2015-Watch Out for the Distraction of Banjo Politics

Nothing stirs up our banjo tendencies like a good, old fashioned mix of craven politics and easy bigotry. This was the order of the day in the recent Israeli election, where Benjamin Netanyahu promised dreadful consequences to those who voted … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday March 7, 2015: Spring Break

The boys in the news have pretty much been waterboarding the Canadian public for the last few weeks. The Harper Conservatives have ramped up their exploitation of Terror, Retribution, Tax Crumbs, the Non-existent Crime Wave, and Corporate Sucking-Up for another … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday, August 23, 2014–When our politicians lie to us, it isn’t just annoying. It’s deadly.

Our ex-premier’s plane madness has consumed a lot of ink. That she’s been a bad girl seems unquestionable; that the opposition, given their antecedents, will be any different seems unlikely; that they all advance the interests of themselves and their … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday, August 9, 2014: Harper-Brand Environmental Policy: Better Sorry Than Safe

Imperial Metals’ Mount Polley mine just spilled 15 million cubic meters of tailings pond goodies all over a chunk of the B.C. Wilderness. The salmon run up the Fraser is in danger, and local drinking water is off the menu. … Continue reading

Editorial for March 22, 2014–Canadian Politics: Fun With the Familiar

Canadian politics has been entertaining this week. Not new–another Quebec election is raising the spectre of another referendum, the Harper Conservatives are up to their usual tricks including getting caught trying to undermine the Canadian Constitution, and the Alberta PCs … Continue reading

January 28, 2014: Stephen Harper’s Visit to Israel: There’s Nothing to It. Really.

Stephen Harper splashed around in his vast pool of support for Israel this past week, fawning over Benjamin Netanyahu as only a committed noncombatant can fawn when confronted with a genuine, honest-to-goodness ex-general. But his visit was mainly a non-event. … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday, November 30, 2013–Canadian Voters Should Learn From Latvia Because Our Politicians Won’t

The prime minister of Latvia, Valdis Dombrovskis, resigned this week. This didn’t make big news in Canada. But it was astounding, nonetheless. A mall collapsed and killed more than fifty people. And Mr. Dombrovskis—a politician—took responsibility. First, he called for … Continue reading