The Daily Sniff for March 5, 2013

The news is trumpeting record highs on the stock market. Governments aren’t really talking about this. But the more interested and less main-stream members of the media are urging caution. In a piece on “Money Morning”, Terry Weiss quotes a Fox Business interview with Jim Rogers: “…a major crash…” is coming. Read it here:

Idle No More Irritates Mr. Harper. That Can Only Be Good

Originally Published January 2013 © Copyright 2013 Mr. Harper’s most recent end-run around democracy—the omnibus budget bill—got a response he probably didn’t expect. He was just going about his usual business of dismantling Canada, pretty secure in his assessment that … Continue reading

“Freedom is Slavery”, “War is Peace”, and now, thanks to the Harper Conservatives, “You Gain By Losing”

© Copyright 2012 In yet another example of pulling the wings off the taxpayer flies, the Harper Conservatives have used the massive budget bill to sneak in a noisome load of social destruction. It includes stealing our own pension money … Continue reading