Editorial–So… Jane Fonda. So What?

Jane Fonda came to Alberta the other day to tell the world that the tar sands harvest causes environmental destruction…which is not news. Whether or not you care about the deaths of thousands of migrating birds, for example, you have to know that the sludge from the tar sands killed them.
The mob on the right wants to take Alberta back from the NDP which, if you didn’t suspect, is responsible for everything bad, everywhere, so the boys in conservative blue desperately need the noise generated by using Ms Fonda’s celebrity. Since she’s had world-class thugs like Richard Nixon condemning her, and the courage to face that, the local talent is the tiniest of small potatoes, so we needn’t ache for her pain.
Predictably, in this age of instant and universal outrage, the Instantly and Universally Outraged ramped up their Sneer to crow that Ms Fonda and the other greenies use fossil fuels to fly around the world, to heat and cool their houses, fuel their cars, manufacture their mod-cons and otherwise make their lives easier, as shown on the right-wingnut websites and editorials…as if This Proved Everything and Where Do They Get Off and So There, Too.
Translated, you can’t express a desire to improve the world for tomorrow if you live in the world that exists today.
A bankrupt argument, since gutless opposition to change for fear of the future would have kept human beings skiving around in their bare feet, trying to stab their dinner to death with a sharpened stick. Most of us aren’t inventors. We have to use the technology available. When better tech exists, people to use it. Duh. Move on.
It is counterproductive to waste our energies, our money, our time and our intellect condemning celebrities for having opinions. Of course they have opinions, some of which don’t agree with ours. They’re entitled to have them. They’re even allowed to express them in Canada, no matter what the Terminally Outraged want. Which is what makes Canada such a nice place to live compared to, say, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran or some of the other playgrounds of the planet.
Those well-funded right-wing organizations should harness the energy they’re wasting on worthless and opportunistic outrage and, instead, use their own celebrity and cash to find solutions to these problems. Continuing with the old way of doing business—where tax payers’ money is used to subsidize old-fashioned out-dated energy sources because no one wants to take the political risk of actually leading the world into a cleaner future—is irresponsible.
And, while people like Jason Kenney ambitiously hustle up hatred for Rachel Notley, Ms Notley is the only politician who’s acting like a grown up and planning a thoughtful transition from one form of energy industry to another. She’s struggling to get a pipeline built to help existing business, while trying to plan a way forward to avoid the choking, blinding smog of coal-fired China. Thanks to her, we could end up with mixed-source energy generation, with reasonable back-up for renewables, decent jobs in both industries, and a workable plan with a diversified jobs future. Eggs in more than one basket. For the first time.
It’s the only mature strategy. And, since the All-Granola and the Antediluvian crowds both hate it, it’s probably the right way to go.


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