Editorial for Week Of July 8, 2016: See Donald Run–and why he can win.

The militarization of domestic police forces, whose only enemies are the citizens who paid for those weapons, is an interesting result of conservative politicians kowtowing to the white and paranoid who fund their re-elections. (We might want to take note since we seem to have a shiny, barely used, armoured car that someone is going to want to use sometime. I bet.)
Back to the point: The most targeted citizens in a majority white society are people of colour. In Canada, that usually means Aboriginal people. In the US, it’s usually African Americans. It’s unsurprising that American citizens, being armed to the eyeballs, feel the need to shoot back. Impotence and anger is building up on all sides and everyone feels, justifiably, threatened.
Conservative organizations are tapping into this by appealing to racists in all groups, if Mr. Harper’s ‘barbaric cultural practises’ hotline was any indication. Their appeal is not to the better instincts that people have—to get along, accommodate, ameliorate and cooperate, because that’s hard—it’s easier to appeal to the isolation, suspicion, segregation and ghettoization that people believe will protect their jobs and their ways of life. It’s easier to hate than debate.
Hence Donald Trump. He’s not an anomaly. He’s the harvest of the modern conservative movement. He’s exactly their kind of saviour. His ilk is gaining power in most countries as contact between disparate cultures increases. He’s not necessarily a racist; he is, necessarily, an opportunist. As Harper conservatives always said, “you can’t change things unless you win”, so winning, at all costs, no matter how, is the only way. Otherwise, you’re a “LOSER”. It’s exactly why sports culture so often lacks good sportsmanship and why “business ethics” is often a punchline.
So, Mr. Trump advocates immigration restrictions–of Muslims, of Mexicans, of anyone–as long as it gets him votes, but he’d open up the pipes if that meant votes. He complains that ‘the system is rigged’ (it is) but he rigs it for himself by lending his own campaign money and paying himself back forever. He claims his opponents tell lies (they do) and he constantly lies himself, then lies about having lied, even when confronted with the videos of himself lying. He claims to be ‘different’ but he just uses different words. Granted, words are really powerful.
In fact, though, he’s a rich, entitled white guy who stiffs his contractors (check out the list of people he owes money), swindles customers (check out the court case against his ‘university’) and screws investors (look at the lawsuits by people left holding titles to his worthless developments when he walks away).
Yet, he is our ideal candidate. We love it when people are “politically incorrect”…if they confirm our prejudices. He voices our hatred for our cousins of colour, for all those shadowy men that run the world, for the bogeyman media, and he coats this in the camouflage of ‘keeping our society safe’. It’s catnippy to our trailer trash shoulder angel. He takes the sting out of our powerlessness and our insignificance. We feel that if both Hilary Clinton and Paul Ryan don’t like him, the guy must be doing something right. When we support Mr. Trump we can swipe at “elites” (code for anyone we think has more education than we have). We can aim at religions different than ours (although we should really relax because Islam hates all of the same people that Christianity and Judaism hates, especially women). We can simultaneously sneer at unions and lock out cheap labour (like Mexicans). And–this is Mr. Trump’s billboard headliner–it’s all because we want our babies to be safe and not because we hate browner babies. Pfft to logic.
Mr. Trump is the perfect conservative Republican candidate. They will rally behind him, embrace his advertized, idealized, opportunistic hatred as “making America great again” and he will win.
If you’re horrified at my prediction of a Trump victory, take heart: I’m usually wrong about elections.

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