Editorial for Saturday, November 28, 2015- Objections to Refugees

There seem to be four loud objections to the 25,000 Syrian refugees coming to Canada: 1) we should be looking after our own homeless people; 2) they’re just ‘migrants’ looking for a better life, not ‘refugees’ fleeing for their lives; 3) they’re Muslims who discriminate against women and aren’t like us; 4) they’re bringing terrorists in with them—look at Paris!

Well. We should be looking after our own homeless people. Too. But we don’t. Our constant demand for lower taxes and our sustained attack on social spending shows that we don’t like homeless people–anymore than we like refugees. We think they’re luxuriously taking advantage of our generosity, so we champion punitive regulations to stop them, including, but not limited to, reducing the monthly payment so that a person on social assistance in Canada can possibly afford rent or food, but not both. If this were Liar’s Poker, I call BS on #1.

#2 is partly true: Since the Syrians destined for Canada have been in refugee camps for three or four years, they probably are hoping for a better life here. But they’re in the camps because they didn’t die when their homes were bombed to splinters, not because because their big TV wasn’t big enough. There’s not much of an economy left in war zones full of rubble—except for black market stuff and, from the sound of it, ISIS creeps have that covered, with Kalashnikovs, actually—so, in that sense, they kind of are ‘economic migrants’ since they have no way left to make any kind of a living at all. And no home, either. Time to stop sneering.

#3–again, partly true: Some are Muslims. But the second part where they “discriminate against women and aren’t like us” is not true. Look at the lengthy list of the female popes. Notice the enormous fanfare over International Day to End Violence Against Women which…didn’t happen. If it’s a costume thing—bagged-up women, forced by a boys’ church to follow arbitrary restrictions set up by boys to keep boys in power…that’s a pretty fair description of most Christian and Jewish cults, too. Pot/kettle situation. Generally, religions are bigoted–especially, but not exclusively, against women. If you really don’t like the apartheid bigotry of Abrahamic religions, insist that churchy stuff stays in church, away from our schools and our state.

And #4 is…well…illogical, but not impossible. ISIS boys like killing, destruction, hatred, and Armageddon–but not waiting. They don’t sit in a refugee camp for four years. The Paris attackers didn’t come in that way. Too slow!! They’re in a hurry to sell humans as slaves, cut off heads, rape women and score afterlife virgins. It’s sooooo haaaard to negotiate, compromise and build pluralistic society. They prefer their easy, selfish, one-sided fantasy where the world is going to end anyway, so grab your chance at the money, guns and girls now, virgins paid upon delivery of death—besides, you weren’t treated nicely at home, and mommy and daddy were stupid and mean, you deserve better, cuz you’re a man, so it’s really fun that you get to cut a defenceless person’s head off now. Oh, and thanks, Allah. (Because religion, while justifying everything, is actually after personal gratification.)

Besides, if we don’t fund ESL and integration programs for refugees, make no space for young immigrant women or men to have a decent education and a job, and isolate them in their own ghettos of unemployment and lost opportunity, we’ll make our own, home-grown terrorists.

ISIS is counting on it.

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