Editorial for Saturday, August 22, 2015-Week 3 of the Federal Election: A Mad Guy Became A Meme.

A brief note: Canadian taxpayers are footing the bill for this extremely long, thus expensive, election. When you have to pay back your shiny new child benefit in taxes next April, remember that your money bought Mr. Harper his nice, loooooong election.
Week 3:
This past week a Conservative Party supporter got all het up, coiled and struck. Instant meme. He called a reporter a “lying piece of s**t”. He also accused her of lying on her tax return and the way he said it made it seem like he thought everyone lied on their tax return…and that it was probably ok if you did. It just wasn’t ok if you lied on your tax return more “..than Duffy lied on [his]”. (If you’d like to hear exactly what he said, just search online for “angry old Conservative” and you can watch the video yourself.)
Six sources identified him as Earl Cowan who said he had no idea what the reporter was talking about, then later seemed to contradict himself when he said “I’m forgetting my own lines here”. Again, seeming to indicate that lying is ok…for some people. Like him, maybe? As it turns out, that’s probably exactly what he means.
In the face of his denials, for the sake of brevity, and to save asterisks, let’s call him Mr. LPOS.
It’s tempting to think that Mr. LPOS is just an angry old nut.
OK. He IS old, and he is definitely angry. He may even be a nut (he had a Doug Ford button on, after all). But that isn’t all he is.
He’s actually a shining example of the kind of voter that Mr. Harper likes best.
Mr. LPOS believes that the ‘liberal, biased media’ lies about his boys, even when his boys get caught lying. For example, the old law says that, to represent a region in the Senate, you have to own property there worth $4,000. Way back in the olden days, that meant you were a substantial property owner and you lived there, so you could reasonably represent the region. It was intended to give all of the regions of Canada a voice…not just the big regions. But Mr. Harper decided to undermine the intent of the law by sticking to the letter of the law—Duffy didn’t really live there, but he did own property there. When your kid does something like that, you know he’s pulling a fast one. What Mr. Harper did, while perhaps not technically illegal, was pulling a fast one, nonetheless. That’s like “lying”.
Further, intentionally “misrepresenting” facts so that the public thinks that Mr. Duffy was honourable enough to pay his own expenses wasn’t true, but it was good PR for the PM (that’s like “lying”, too); and sending out the party troops to spread that same story, even though it wasn’t true…is exactly…well…“lying”.
The argument that this whole thing didn’t cost the taxpayer any money—it was good ol’ Nige’s 90,000—is the slimy surface hiding the slimy underbelly, which is that it’s ok to lie if it’s cheaper than other lies (like the sponsorship scandal). Right?
Mr. LPOS says that this whole thing is “nothing” (to be more exact, he says it’s “NOTHING”, with, possibly, spittle).
Mr. LPOS also believes any impropriety is the media’s fault. And Mr. Harper’s machine feeds that beast relentlessly.
No matter what, Mr. LPOS will vote for Mr. Harper. He won’t be swayed. No information could ever come to light that would change his mind…since it would be conveyed by the media, and the media lies.
It’s ‘point and shoot’ voting: convenient and easy, requiring no analysis or thought. Simply get your guy to tell you who you hate, then vote for your guy because he hates them, too.
The guys on the other side don’t hate enough to win.
But there are enough voters like Mr. LPOS that Mr. Harper can’t lose.


Editorial for Saturday, August 22, 2015-Week 3 of the Federal Election: A Mad Guy Became A Meme. — 2 Comments

  1. Laying it a little thick on the conjecture? I’m no fan of Harper, but he didn’t know about the $90k until after it was paid out, and turfed Nigel Wright when he found out. Are things at the top messy sometimes? Ask Paul Martin that question. And then ask Chretien before him. The sponsorship scandal and L’Auberge Grand-Mare cost a lot more than $90k.

    • Sorry for the delay in answering. No, I don’t think I laid it on a bit thick. That both of those gentlemen (Mr. Chretien and Mr. Martin) were in the soup is undeniable. That their transgressions cost more than this one is also undeniable. But I don’t think there’s a cost analysis that excuses any of the three, particularly if evidence points to the fact that they knew something was up but didn’t want to ‘know’ anything. When you are, like Mr. Harper was, involved in all aspects of controlling ‘the message’, it’s suspect when you maintain that THIS one escaped you. Somehow.
      Anyway, thanks for reading. Sorry, again, for taking so long to answer.

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