Editorial for Monday, April 4, 2016–Reality TV, For Real–With Wieners and Losers

Once again, the USA has unzipped for the world to witness its election. And how fun it is!
The Republicans are attracting the most attention just now because, like most voters in most democracies, the Uninformed prefer to watch people out-petty one another, rather than discuss genuine policies that might help them and their children, and which might even preserve their great country.
I thought, back in 2012, that watching Mitt Romney file 47% of his fellow citizens under “Ignore”–in front of witnesses–was an interesting campaign stratagem, but I seriously underestimated how entertaining things could get. If you’ve spent the last few months…in another solar system… but want an indication, just go online and search “batshit crazy” and “Republican”. Republicans are calling out their own party–another interesting choice for the route to election victory, but these guys are professionals, soooo….
The answer to “why”, regarding Donald Trump is simple: he doesn’t look, sound, act, or, in any way, behave like a politician. He acts like an old person who was unloved as a child, and has ended up hating all women and most men as proxies for his neglectful Mommy and Daddy. Just guessing.
His un-politician-ness is appealing to voters who have watched ‘professional’ politicians engineer the destruction of one of the greatest constitutions ever written, who have gleefully stolen from their fellow citizens and who have carefully constructed an entire system to destroy the hallowed ‘American Dream’ while enriching the very, very few, odorously, fabulously, wealthy privileged, so they can be forgiven if they’re hoping that an outsider might do a better job of governing For the People, By the People–and not just for some of them. Mr. Trump stokes their fear and loathing, too, which is a total slam dunk.
And the fact that the Republican power elite—the same bunch that thought Mitt Romney was The Right Guy for the job—is terrified of Mr. Trump would seem to be an automatic ringing endorsement for the rest of the world. Of course, they could just finally be noticing that the likes of David Frum, ramping up the Crazy with his Axis of Evil nonsense a president ago, have let the Brownshirt side of the GOP out of the kennel for keeps.
We could continue to watch the unfolding repugnancy.
Or…we could save ourselves a lot of abuse and just listen to Bernie Sanders, a guy who has never wavered in his support for ALL of the citizens in the US. He is pretty much the hipster of ‘outsiders’ since he was outside before it was cool. Or advantageous. He tells you what he thinks, he tells you what he wants to do, and he’s never changed his story for convenience, comfort, venality, or votes. He calls himself a democratic socialist but he’s a social democrat through and through, according to The Atlantic, with the legislative history to back it up.
Unlike Hilary Clinton, he has none of the skidmarks that decades of corruption leave on a reputation. And, unlike Hilary Clinton, he doesn’t take corporate money, he doesn’t waver in his support of workers, productive businesses, and disadvantaged people. He believes in universal, public health care. He doesn’t change his policy from state to state or election to election. He has always believed that things should be fair for all of the citizens in his country. He thinks the financial criminals who bagged the taxpayers’ billions back in 2008 shouldn’t get away with it. He looks like your favourite grampa and he sounds like a firebrand.
Because of this, he easily trumps Trump and the rest of the mediocre talent and extraordinary buffoonery.
Because of this, he’ll probably lose.

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