Editorial for Saturday, March 21, 2015-Watch Out for the Distraction of Banjo Politics

Nothing stirs up our banjo tendencies like a good, old fashioned mix of craven politics and easy bigotry. This was the order of the day in the recent Israeli election, where Benjamin Netanyahu promised dreadful consequences to those who voted … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday, January 24, 2015–Multiple Guesses for This Week’s News

1. Two weeks ago the western world carried “Je suis Charlie” signs, marching together and deciding that fundamentalist Islamists were murderous medieval misanthropes. This week, Canada is embracing arms sales to Saudi Arabia, run by a cadre of murderous medieval … Continue reading

Editorial for December 13, 2014–ISIS:Why Notice? Why Now?

It’s taken fifteen years for ISIS (ISIL, IS, the caliphate–the name evolves as the group’s ambitions expand) to grow from a nasty little splinter group of violent bigots harassing and murdering Iraqis and Syrians into a great big (and still … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday, July 26, 2014–‘Exodus': A Good Old Movie But A Bad Foreign Policy

Canada’s attitude towards the Middle East under the Harper Conservatives has changed. As one pundit put it, Canada is no longer seen as a fair and impartial arbitrator but, rather, an uncritical and partisan supporter of anything Israel wants to … Continue reading

Governments, Politics and Corporate Wet Work

When transnational companies don’t like a situation, they will arrange to have it fixed. If people have to die in droves, no problem. That’s just the cost of doing business. And it’s a scenario that has played out, fairly successfully … Continue reading

February 8, 2014–Have Fun With the Olympics, As Adults, for a Change

There is an idea that the Olympic Games are all about athletes competing for their countries, divorced from politics, with noble hearts and pure intent. And that the Sochi Olympics, in particular, are extraordinarily corrupt, politically contentious and insecure. But … Continue reading

January 28, 2014: Stephen Harper’s Visit to Israel: There’s Nothing to It. Really.

Stephen Harper splashed around in his vast pool of support for Israel this past week, fawning over Benjamin Netanyahu as only a committed noncombatant can fawn when confronted with a genuine, honest-to-goodness ex-general. But his visit was mainly a non-event. … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday, November 30, 2013–Canadian Voters Should Learn From Latvia Because Our Politicians Won’t

The prime minister of Latvia, Valdis Dombrovskis, resigned this week. This didn’t make big news in Canada. But it was astounding, nonetheless. A mall collapsed and killed more than fifty people. And Mr. Dombrovskis—a politician—took responsibility. First, he called for … Continue reading

Daily Sniff for Monday, October 7, 2013–Harper Government Caught Again

The Harper Conservatives have been caught spying on Brazil. Looks like Stephen Harper gave Canada’s reputation another black eye–seemingly his only strength, since he can’t handle the economy, he can’t seem to be a credible voice in international affairs and … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday, September 7, 2013– The Economy Needs a Boost, So the US Needs a War

The Yankees want to attack Syria because, they claim, Assad is using nerve gas on his own citizens. Not that hard to believe given that Mr. Assad is a bad man, and has been a bad man for a very … Continue reading