Editorial for Saturday, August 23, 2014–When our politicians lie to us, it isn’t just annoying. It’s deadly.

Our ex-premier’s plane madness has consumed a lot of ink. That she’s been a bad girl seems unquestionable; that the opposition, given their antecedents, will be any different seems unlikely; that they all advance the interests of themselves and their … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday, December 28, 2013–Terrified and Loving It

New research shows that when conservatives are confronted with unfamiliar situations or people, they react with the fear center (the amygdala) in their brains. It seems that the more they react with the amygdala, the more developed it gets. (Fear … Continue reading

The Daily Sniff for Wednesday, June 3, 2013–Look Who’s Carrying the Guns!

Police shoot a dog after his owner recorded them at a raid. Hawthorne residents should be very afraid. Police shoot five kittens after telling little kids that the kittens are going to “kitty heaven”. This was in Ohio. There are … Continue reading