Editorial–So… Jane Fonda. So What?

Jane Fonda came to Alberta the other day to tell the world that the tar sands harvest causes environmental destruction…which is not news. Whether or not you care about the deaths of thousands of migrating birds, for example, you have … Continue reading

The Daily Sniff for Wednesday, April 24, 2013–Proof That ‘Business Ethics’ is an Oxymoron

Cal Wenzel, founder of Shane Homes in Calgary, Alberta, pretty much proves the point that ‘business ethics’ is a massive oxymoron. In a video taped, presumably, without his knowledge, he frankly discusses how to buy a supposedly democratically elected city … Continue reading

Editorial for April 13, 2013– ‘Change’ Means ‘Different’, Not ‘Better’

‘Change’ Means ‘Different’, Not ‘Better’ According to an article in The News dated April 4, (“Group Wants to help Hatters change out city council”), Craig Elder and Phil Turnbull both want to change things. The main stick in their ribs … Continue reading