We’re All Just Strangers Here. Really.

The Stoney Nakoda, engaged in a durable lawsuit against the Government, have proposed name changes for many locations in Southern Alberta in order to better “reflect their specific indigenous history” (http://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/lets-keep-talking-nenshi-weighs-in-on-stoney-nakodas-bid-to-change-calgarys-name). (The Blackfoot, claiming the same territory, think that the … Continue reading

Opinion Piece for the Week of May 9, 2016: Fort McMurray’s Fire Brings out the Best…and the Worst of Twits

Twitter is the gossip grapevine we love to hate when we’re trying to be respectable. But, really, we genuinely love the immediacy, the unguarded bluntness, the delicious sense of ungoverned gossip. Today when things happen, we’ve “heard it from a … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday, November 28, 2015- Objections to Refugees

There seem to be four loud objections to the 25,000 Syrian refugees coming to Canada: 1) we should be looking after our own homeless people; 2) they’re just ‘migrants’ looking for a better life, not ‘refugees’ fleeing for their lives; … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday March 7, 2015: Spring Break

The boys in the news have pretty much been waterboarding the Canadian public for the last few weeks. The Harper Conservatives have ramped up their exploitation of Terror, Retribution, Tax Crumbs, the Non-existent Crime Wave, and Corporate Sucking-Up for another … Continue reading