Opinion Piece for the Week of May 9, 2016: Fort McMurray’s Fire Brings out the Best…and the Worst of Twits

Twitter is the gossip grapevine we love to hate when we’re trying to be respectable. But, really, we genuinely love the immediacy, the unguarded bluntness, the delicious sense of ungoverned gossip. Today when things happen, we’ve “heard it from a … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday March 7, 2015: Spring Break

The boys in the news have pretty much been waterboarding the Canadian public for the last few weeks. The Harper Conservatives have ramped up their exploitation of Terror, Retribution, Tax Crumbs, the Non-existent Crime Wave, and Corporate Sucking-Up for another … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday, August 23, 2014–When our politicians lie to us, it isn’t just annoying. It’s deadly.

Our ex-premier’s plane madness has consumed a lot of ink. That she’s been a bad girl seems unquestionable; that the opposition, given their antecedents, will be any different seems unlikely; that they all advance the interests of themselves and their … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday, August 9, 2014: Harper-Brand Environmental Policy: Better Sorry Than Safe

Imperial Metals’ Mount Polley mine just spilled 15 million cubic meters of tailings pond goodies all over a chunk of the B.C. Wilderness. The salmon run up the Fraser is in danger, and local drinking water is off the menu. … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday, July 12, 2014–Ralph Klein is the Decisive Factor in the Next Election

The three Tory leadership candidates have to ignore the Tory past, in hopes they can have a Tory future. It’s a big past because they have to ignore Ralph Klein. Back in 1992, the talk show host brought his talk … Continue reading

Eidtorial for Saturday, May 3, 2014–End of an Obstacle

Last week, the Harper Conservatives upgraded the North Pacific humpback whale status from “threatened” to “species of concern”. This seemed like something that made sense, was good for business and didn’t sacrifice the well-being of Canadian citizens and their environment … Continue reading

The Daily Sniff for Saturday, October 26, 2013–Clearly Obfuscating, Harper Fixes the Facts to Hide His Crimes Against Canadians

When it comes to his Senate mess, Stephen Harper is consistently being “clear”, but he’s clearly not being consistent, as this piece by Global News shows. (http://globalnews.ca/news/926250/harper-on-harper-the-prime-ministers-evolving-language-on-the-wright-duffy-affair/) Considering the damage being done to the country by the Harper Conservatives as … Continue reading

Daily Sniff for Monday, October 7, 2013–Harper Government Caught Again

The Harper Conservatives have been caught spying on Brazil. Looks like Stephen Harper gave Canada’s reputation another black eye–seemingly his only strength, since he can’t handle the economy, he can’t seem to be a credible voice in international affairs and … Continue reading

The Daily Sniff for Thursday, July 18, 2013–MMA: Mega-Death, Mega-Classy, Mega-Disgusting

Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway–MMA–announced that, in the wake of the Lac Megantic diaster, where they managed to kill around fifty people, that they were also laying off nineteen of the seventy-five employees they have in the Province of Quebec. … Continue reading

The Daily Sniff for Sunday, June 30, 2013–Harper Conservatives Hate Science When It Disagrees With Their Corporate Money Agenda

A little video on Youtube is making a hell of a statement on the weather. As hilarious as it is, the message becomes chilling when the circumstances are considered: Long heatwave, early in the season, about to set centuries-old temperature … Continue reading