Air France Throws Women’s Rights Under the Wheels for A Chance to Make Money in Tehran

Air France recently decreed that its female employees–this is a French corporation based in the West, mind you–must now wear headscarves as part of their uniform when disembarking in Tehran.  The women are understandably upset. The company says it has to ‘respect local customs’ (but, apparently, not their own employees) and the employees say that, while they will indeed respect local customs when walking around in Tehran, they are appalled that they have to ‘respect local customs’ in a uniform required by a company from a secular and eqalitarian nation.
A protest against such disgusting policy is not  ‘Islamaphobic’, no matter what the boys in charge of that religion say. A protest against headscarves and other gender-based discriminatory practise is a protest, exactly like protests against a race-based discriminatory practise. (Try to imagine the outcry if only Jews, or only black-skinned people, or only men, had to costume up to this degree!).  It is those who profit–with gains in money or power–from the discrimination who immediately start squeaking ‘bigotry’. 
So, the old boys who run these religions of hate–Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc.–heartily endorse discrimination against women.  This is not just a costume problem, either. While Christianity and Judaism have been forced to behave better in most of their manifestations, there are still cult factions of both that behave as badly as the states run by Islam and delight in restricting women’s access to education, health care, social congress, jobs, financial security and many of the other freedoms granted to boys.  It’s as though the fundametalist versions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam (Islam, in particular, is heartily illustrated in the fundamentalist atrocities of Iran and Saudi Arabia, to name just two) delights in its hatred and disgust for women. Women in these places are systematically and relentlessly marginalized, undereducated and threatened with isolation, prosecution, incarceration and even death, if they try to change this.  It’s coercion by abuse, sanctioned by a state, championed by the officials of a corrupt and backward religion.
Pretending that these practises are, to any degree, ok–in the religious centres, religious schools, and in public places–in countries that are supposedly secular and pluralistic, is extremely harmful, since these religions have significant political ambitions to expand their discriminations. And these religions are based solidly on the ideas that their particular religion is the only correct religion, their particular god is the “jealous” one, there is “no god but [theirs]”, “apostates” deserve to be slaughtered, “holy” wars are “good” wars.  These kinds of tenets are profoundly bigoted and have led to easy justification for the worst abuses ever perpetrated. Their symbols should be abhorred by people who endorse equality for all people.  Period. 
That the West apologizes for these religions and, thus, these horrors in the 21st Century, illustrates how little women are valued in the world. 
It also shows why the multiple misogynies of the ever-chauvinistic Mr. Trump will not hurt him even a fraction of a percentage point in his ambition to run the USA.  He’s a very smart boy–he knows the truth behind the pretence. Regardless of Official policy and facile disclaimer, discrimination against women is A-OK with most of the world, especially if boys want to do business with other boys.  The immorality of ‘it’s not personal–it’s just business’ couldn’t be more obvious.
Apartheid South Africa was, at least, recognized as wrong and, although the business boys had to be forced by legislation to stop doing business with that regime, they finally did stop.  But when discrimination happens against women, the boys of the world turn a blind eye, united in their disregard and indifference for ensuring basic human rights for women. 
By sucking up to creeps in charge in Iran, Air France and its shiny, new, required headscarves shows how much boys really hate women.
In a display of faux magnanimity, Air France now states that women employees who don’t wish to fly into Tehran don’t have to. Of course, denying assignments is almost always a pathway to career destruction, so their “solution” is transparent BS.


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