Editorial for Saturday, January 24, 2015–Multiple Guesses for This Week’s News

1. Two weeks ago the western world carried “Je suis Charlie” signs, marching together and deciding that fundamentalist Islamists were murderous medieval misanthropes. This week, Canada is embracing arms sales to Saudi Arabia, run by a cadre of murderous medieval … Continue reading

Editorial for Saturday, January 10, 2015: The Charlie Hebdo Massacre: A Grab for Power

At first glance, the massacre at Charlie Hebdo in Paris is about religious extremism and freedom of speech. But it’s really about power and how religion is being used by murderous criminals to grab it and keep it.  France kicked religion … Continue reading

Editorial for December 27, 2014: Re-Branding the Conservative Way

Judging by their pre-Christmas sale pitches, conservatives have embraced ‘rebranding’, bigtime. The resemblance to ‘lying’ is uncanny. During the criminal attack on Parliament Hill, Stephen Harper hid in a broom closet while the rest of the MPs, including his own … Continue reading