Governments, Politics and Corporate Wet Work

When transnational companies don’t like a situation, they will arrange to have it fixed. If people have to die in droves, no problem. That’s just the cost of doing business. And it’s a scenario that has played out, fairly successfully … Continue reading

Un-Christianity is alive and well and writing to Medicine Hat News

The whiny reaction to the rainbow flag that was flown in front of Medicine Hat City Hall to indicate support for the LGBT people currently victimized by the Russian government’s recent legislation typifies the entitled, ostentatious Christian currently in style. … Continue reading

February 8, 2014–Have Fun With the Olympics, As Adults, for a Change

There is an idea that the Olympic Games are all about athletes competing for their countries, divorced from politics, with noble hearts and pure intent. And that the Sochi Olympics, in particular, are extraordinarily corrupt, politically contentious and insecure. But … Continue reading

January 28, 2014: Stephen Harper’s Visit to Israel: There’s Nothing to It. Really.

Stephen Harper splashed around in his vast pool of support for Israel this past week, fawning over Benjamin Netanyahu as only a committed noncombatant can fawn when confronted with a genuine, honest-to-goodness ex-general. But his visit was mainly a non-event. … Continue reading