Editorial for Saturday, August 24, 2013–We Have Met the Enemy, and It’s Not Manning or Snowden

Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden have embarrassed the US and its allies. And that’s all they’ve done. They exposed the facts that major war crimes and crimes against democratic principles, constitutions and charters of rights are happening on a regular … Continue reading

Editorial–For Stephen Harper, Wounded Veterans Are Just A Pain in the Balance Sheet

The News ran a story recently (“Veterans Affairs wants lawsuit dismissed“) that, once again, demonstrates the high regard that the Harper Conservatives really have for Canada’s veterans: To quote Mr. Harper’s lawyers, they think they’re ” frivolous and vexatious”. I … Continue reading

The Daily Sniff for Thursday, August 15, 2013–Islamic leaders won’t save Egypt or the Muslim part of the world. They just want to steal it.

Most Muslims want what most Christians want, which is exactly what most Atheists want, which is the same as most Buddhists want,and most Hindus, most members of most cults…indeed most people on the planet. We want stability, safety for our … Continue reading

The Daily Sniff for Saturday, August 10, 2013–Mr. Snowden blows the whistle, the NSA finds new security risks everywhere, and Mr. Obama pretends to find his conscience

When Edward Snowden told the world, with proof, how disgusting the US government really is–that they don’t just spy on enemy foreigners, but they also spy on the their foreign buddies, and Ma and Pa in Podunk Corners, too–the NSA … Continue reading