The Daily Sniff for Sunday, June 30, 2013–Harper Conservatives Hate Science When It Disagrees With Their Corporate Money Agenda

A little video on Youtube is making a hell of a statement on the weather. As hilarious as it is, the message becomes chilling when the circumstances are considered: Long heatwave, early in the season, about to set centuries-old temperature … Continue reading

The Daily Sniff for Thursday, June 27, 2013– “Water, Water Everywhere But…” No Rights and No Guns.

As the water recedes in Southern Alberta and most residents from many communities go back to their homes, the people in High River are not so fortunate. Much of their community is sitting in standing water, many homes will never … Continue reading

The Daily Sniff for Wednesday, June 26, 2013–Wendy Davis Saves Women in Texas from Getting Screwed by Rich, Old, White Guys. She’ll Have To Do It Again, Too.

Democratic Senator, Wendy Davis, managed to stop some damned stupid legislation from passing the Texas legislature yesterday. She had to filibuster for about thirteen hours to do it, but she managed. Senator Davis was trying to prevent a bunch of … Continue reading

The Sniff Test for Tuesday, June 25, 2013–Harper Conservatives Pile on the PR Disasters and Get the Polls They Deserve

Not that political polls seem to matter a damn if the BC election was any indication,but they still seem to matter to politicians. And the Harper Conservatives are looking a little peaked after the most recent poll showed them tied … Continue reading

The Daily Sniff for Monday, June 24, 2013–Politicians and Disasters Go Together Like A Horse and Carriage…But Sometimes It Works

Mother Nature is putting the boots to Alberta in a big way. Canmore, High River, Calgary, Siksika, Medicine Hat–all got their stuffing soaked and muddied and crushed. People need reassurance that their scumbag insurance companies won’t provide, in spite of … Continue reading

The Daily Sniff for Thursday, June 20, 2013–Baird Fooled Around and Fell Into Entitlement

John Baird used Canada’s official home-away-from-home, MacDonald House, while he was in London. On vacation. But he paid for his own drinks. And his own taxis. And his own airfare. Yay? And his office thinks that excuses the fact that … Continue reading

The Daily Sniff for Wednesday, June 19, 2013–The World Marches Against Corruption, but for Stephen Harper, Corruption is “Business As Usual”

Anti-corruption protests are taking place all over the world right now–Bucharest, Brazil, Turkey–but not in comfy Canada. We seem to be quite content with paying taxes then having the Harper Conservative regime give our money to their cronies. They are … Continue reading

The Daily Sniff for Tuesday, June 18, 2013–Staggering Irony: Tony Clement Accuses Civil Servants of Dishonesty

Florida governor, Rick Scott proved once again that he is completely in the pockets of the business lobby by signing into law a bill that prohibits local levels of government from implementing paid sick leave. This measure is one more … Continue reading

The Daily Sniff for Monday, June 17, 2013–What a Dick.

Dick Cheney called Edward Snowden a “traitor” and he speculates that Snowden might be a “Chinese spy“. That’s breathtaking, coming from a creature who did more damage to the reputation of the US, did more to undermine the American democratic … Continue reading

Editorial for June 15, 2013

Just Another Week Stephen Harper is hoping his European jaunt will aid his cherished hope of a trade agreement and deflect attention from his disastrous senate appointees, fractious backbenchers, economic mediocrity and pathetic environmental record. He’s probably right. Most people … Continue reading