It CAN Happen Here. Watch Out Canada.

At a fundraiser in Missouri (March 14, 2018), Donald Trump bragged about lying to a foreign leader. ( It’s very important to to use the correct verb because Trump didn’t ‘admit’ to lying, or ‘confess’ to lying, or even … Continue reading

“Here First”–an argument that has never worked and still doesn’t.

“First Nations”. “Aboriginal”. “First peoples”. “Here First”. “Indigenous”. Here before the “Settlers”. All labels for people who have been consistently abused by invaders of various kinds. And all labels used to help bolster arguments—in the courts and in public discourse—for … Continue reading

Propaganda from the right is destroying Canada–with help from the CBC and other ‘news’ outlets

  The CBC–and numerous other ‘news’ outlets–is touting another piece of propaganda by the Fraser Institute—this time, a coy little piece about how the Alberta government could reduce its debt faster, but the FI won’t give specifics because they don’t … Continue reading

We’re All Just Strangers Here. Really.

The Stoney Nakoda, engaged in a durable lawsuit against the Government, have proposed name changes for many locations in Southern Alberta in order to better “reflect their specific indigenous history” ( (The Blackfoot, claiming the same territory, think that the … Continue reading

Editorial for Week of March 1, 2017–Triumph of the Shill Redux

  Donald Trump addressed the joint session  of the US congress recently. Mostly able to ignore what was probably Bannon’s horrifying touch, the creation of the VOICE of American bigotry, the pundits and the press were staggered by how … Continue reading

The Sniff Test for Thursday, February 16, 2017

The laughable and largely invented dustup over M-103—the motion in the House of Commons to recognize and quell the “increasing climate of hate and fear”–is invented as a political opportunity on all sides. We already have laws that deal with … Continue reading

Women’s March: Medicine Hat

Editorial–So… Jane Fonda. So What?

Jane Fonda came to Alberta the other day to tell the world that the tar sands harvest causes environmental destruction…which is not news. Whether or not you care about the deaths of thousands of migrating birds, for example, you have … Continue reading